This Company is Breaking Down Barriers-To-Entry In the Web Based Software Industry

Have you ever had an idea, for business or otherwise,

but you didn’t know how to market or even brand this idea?

Not to mention the team required to take on such a project

or the costs involved in taking on such a task!

These are barriers-to-entry that we’ve all had to overcome ourselves.

And It costs a whole lot more than just money.

The surface-level costs like time and money

are more than enough to discourage and make

99% of the world turn away.

But that’s not all it takes…

To build the things you want for

your family,

sometimes you have to


sleepless nights,

countless missed birthdays,

and disappointing loved ones.

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’ve had the ideas

We’ve thought about what it would take

And we’ve had our reservations

We know what it’s like to have possibly the greatest ideas in the world!

Ones with the potential to change you and your families lives!

We’ve all walked away from many ideas because the risks are just so great

However, at some point…

Enough isn’t Enough

At some point, we realized that everyone has ideas,

but few follow through.

Few take on the risks.

But those that do and are willing to fail and fail again…

Those are the people who can change their families lives.


We made a decision.

We’re going to build...

Build the perfect team

Build the perfect system

Build a repeatable and scalable process

And if we are successful in those… we’re going to

crush the barriers-of-entry…

to both success and personal fulfillment

for the people that have ideas but not all of the resources and...

For the past 15+ years...

we’ve built the perfect team.

There’s been turnover,

there’s been betrayal,

and there’s been loss.

But there’s been so much more…

There’s been failures and deficiencies

But we came out on the other side of those with a team

that has seen, built, and been through so much together.

As a consulting firm, We’ve sharpened our team while building

7-9 figure revenue streams for many different companies.

7 years ago, we took on a company…

We created and developed their platform.

That platform grew to regular 6-figure revenue months.

That platform is now fully ours and we’ve transformed it to be the perfect system.

Through this system…

We’re making our team

available to you!


of our developers

and project managers

are available for you...

to take on whatever web-based dream you have.

If you need a beautifully designed opt in page.
Or a fully
functioning website
From home page to checkout we build it for you!

Get Started with Vertex Live

We take your ideas and make them a reality.

Make use of our marketing professionals and designers..

Your company needs:

a brand.



Let our team take your ideas, build to your specs, and refine them.


  • Personalized logos

  • Built-for-you websites

    and multi page funnels,

    including opt in pages

  • Custom email


  • AND

  • A fully customized

    social media pack

- our team stands at the
ready to build. -

Get Started with Vertex Live

Let our team build the consistency your business or organization

requires to be well known.

Don’t let another idea go by...

Don’t wait until you see another person execute it.

You don’t have to.

Like we said,

We’ve been in your shoes.


We’ve evened the playing field. You don’t have to find the team.

You don’t have to create the system. We’ve done it, so you don’t have to.

In fact, we built this system


Let me show you how…

We’ve made this process

so scalable and so repeatable…

We don’t even have to sell it anymore.

Our members do it for us!

They love the resources we give them so much,

they’re sharing it with people they know it could help!

Not to mention, the potential income…

Our team, our system,

It’s yours…

If you know potential customers or people who

could use the services we provide…

Tell them, “I’ve got the team.”

Tell them, “I’ve got just the system!”

If you can refer customers to our platform,

You can earn commissions starting at...


Let’s say you have a buddy starting a nonprofit

to benefit the youth in his area…

They’re going to need a:



way of collecting donations,

and much more.

Put YOUR team to work and earn 80% on the

package he purchases!

- It’s a Win-Win-WIN! -

Our platform wins as we fulfill our mission to serve...

Your buddy wins as they get their



social media posts,

email templates

and much more.

And you WIN as you get...

Let’s do some quick math…

Your buddy needs the full service...

Vertex Live package to get everything he needs

the Vertex Live package is sold at $2,500.

Before we get to what that looks like for you, as the referrer, let’s talk about your buddy.

What do you think a professionally designed website...

with features personalized to you and your needs costs?

What about a custom marketing funnel to bring in more donations?

How about a logo designed for marketing readiness?


A professionally designed website with...

e-commerce and checkout enabled and more features

can cost between $2,000 - 10,000

Because of the demand of high-converting marketing sales funnel...

they alone can Start as high as $5,000.

A logo designed can be as little as $2 or as much as $2,5000.

We’re in this to offer 10x more value than what anyone will pay for.

We said it before, we’re crushing barriers-to-entry.

We’re giving customers a way to start their small business or organization journey.

Now, let’s talk about you, the referral.

Your buddy bought the Vertex Live package for $2,500 to get his organization started.

- You’ve now earned 80% -


That’s $2,000!

That’s a month of rent or mortgage.

That is a nice, quick vacation.

What could $2,000 do for you?

Why don’t you hear from some of our referrers…

The level of professionalism and support is unmatched and I've never seen anything like this in my 5 years online. The new materials are great and one of the best if you want to learn internet marketing.

Jacob I.

I love E1U Life because it’s beginner friendly and with the compensation plan both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers can make a lot of money

Paolo B

Joining E1U Life has been one of the best decisions I've made as a work from home entrepreneur. It has helped take my publishing business to the next level financially.

Christopher M.

The team and the system are yours, friend.

You can take full advantage of them and get paid owner-like margins

While also getting your business or organization started

Take your family's future into your own hands.

Sell the work of our team

And let us take care of the overhead.

- Your future is yours! -

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